How It Works

The Repair Process

The Spaero platform makes it easy to find and work with repair centres when a part simply needs repairing, rather than replacing.


Enter the part number you require.


You will receive quotations from Spaero Partner Repair Providers.

You'll also be able to view the suppliers credentials.


Once you’ve selected the quote you want to accept, you will be able to review the details again before completing the purchase.


The Repair Provider will then confirm this, and you’ll be able to set up the outbound shipping of the part, entering all shipping and tracking details into Spaero for both parties to easily keep track of the part.

The repair provider will then confirm they have received the part before beginning the initial inspection.


Once an accurate estimate can be provided, the repair provider will notify any additional remedial costing options.

You can choose to proceed with the work scope or return the item with no further charges.


Once they are finished, they will prepare the part for return shipping, again sending all tracking details through Spaero for your piece of mind.


Once you have received the repaired part, simply mark it as received within the Spaero platform and your transaction will be complete.

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