How It Works

For Repair Centres

Spaero changes the way that parts are handled across the supply chain, with an even faster RFQ process and expedited quotations.

When You Make an Account


We want to get to know you...

Once you have started your Spaero Repair Provider Account Application, Spaero will conduct a KYC and quality check.


We will ask to see your facility and customer project control measures, so that we can enrol you as a Spaero Partner and show buyers your credentials.

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You can upload your capability listing when your account is set up – it’s as easy as uploading a spreadsheet.

It’s up to you whether you list set prices and let Spaero quote and automatically send information when a buyer requests a quote for a product that matches your capability, or you can do this manually.

We will re-audit you every 12 months to ensure we have the most up-to-date information.


You will get a notification about any buyers RFQs that match your listed capability.

You will only receive RFQs from Airline Operators, FBOs and Distributors, so competitors will never see your pricing. Prices on Spaero are only shown to the recipient of the RFQ. 


If your quotation is chosen, then you will receive an order.


Where a customer does not have a credit account, Spaero will expect prefunding to ensure funds are secure to pay for the order once it is complete.


The customer will then arrange shipment of the part.

The customer will enter shipment and tracking details which allows you to track incoming orders through the platform. 


Once the part has been assessed and an accurate estimate can be provided, you will notify the customer of any remedial costing options.

They will choose the workscope they want to work with or return the part back to them with no additional charges.

If the item is a non-repairable item, you can return the item ‘As-is’ to the customer.


You will need to upload a copy of the final certificate and workshop report before shipping the item to the customer. If the item requires further repair, additional estimates can be submitted to the customer. 


Once the customer has received their part back, the order will be marked as complete and the transaction will be complete.