How It Works

For Distributors

Spaero changes the way that parts are safely and swiftly traded across the supply chain,
with all payments underwritten and all parts verified for legitimacy.

When You Make An Account


We want to get to know you.

Once you have registered for a Distributor account, Spaero will conduct a quality and KYC check.


We will ask to check your storage facilities, temperature control and stock, so that we can enrol you as a Spaero Partner and show buyers your credentials.


You can upload your inventory list when you set up your account.

It’s as easy as uploading an excel spreadsheet. It’s up to you whether you list set prices and let Spaero automatically send information when a buyer requests a quote for a product that matches yours, or you can do this manually.

We will re-audit you every 12 months to ensure we have your most up-to-date information.


You will get a notification about any buyer’s RFQ’s that match a part you have in stock.

You will only receive RFQs from Airlines, Operators, FBOs or Repair Providers for your parts, so your competitors will never see your pricing. No prices are shown on Spaero without an RFQ. 

RFQ's will only be received from verified end users and not brokers.


If your part is chosen, then you will receive an order.

At this point, you can still refuse the order, or you can proceed.


Payment is taken immediately.

Unless a customer has a risk insured credit account with Spaero, funds for the order will be taken up front.


You will then arrange shipment of the part.

If a part is supplied on a lead time, you will also be able to add certification and traceability documents prior to dispatch. These documents must be added before the order is complete, and must be true and accurate.


When an order is complete, funds will immediately be sent to your account.

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