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Austrian Airlines plane badly damaged by hailstorm during flight

by Spaero

Austrian Airlines plane badly damaged by hailstorm during flight

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An Austrian Airlines flight from Palma de Mallorca to Vienna was severely damaged by hail during a thunderstorm cell on Sunday, 8th of June. Despite extensive damage to the nose, cockpit, and cracked cockpit windows, the Airbus A320 landed safely with no injuries among the 173 passengers and six crew members. The airline reported that the thunderstorm cell was not visible on the weather radar. The plane is now undergoing a detailed damage assessment. This incident follows other recent turbulence-related incidents, highlighting aviation safety concerns.

Myles Corey, founder of Spaero, commented, “Incidents like these highlight the importance of equipping aircraft with the highest quality parts to ensure they can withstand extreme conditions and keep passengers safe.”

Source: CNN

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