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How to achieve faster, safer and trusted transactions.

The aviation sector has long been plagued by deep-set challenges in the parts supply chain, a sector of the industry which is critical to keeping aircraft in service, and safely so.

Topping the growing list of challenges in this fragmented marketplace are the accuracy and authenticity of parts data, the manipulation of pricing, and the slow procurement of parts.

Spaero was established to democratise aircraft parts trading, solve these challenges, and change how parts are safely and swiftly traded. Spaero aims to be an industry brand which signals trust, quality and effectiveness.

In a realm where quality counts, Spaero offers professionals a different type of parts trading platform.


Spaero uniquely protects transactions and accelerates procurement. By design, the platform simplifies unnecessary complexity by ensuring trust throughout the aircraft parts supply chain, even uniquely protecting every transaction.

All buyers, sellers and repair providers must be must be Spaero Partners, having passed our essential compliance process. This ensures that all parties are reputable and above board.

Unparalleled for the transparency and transactional confidence this status provides, Spaero empowers professionals to accelerate procurement and get aircraft back into service faster and safer.

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