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Expansion of Business Jet Market Taking Root in Africa

Expansion of Business Jet Market Taking Root in Africa

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According to Aviation Online, business aviation in Africa is undergoing a transformative shift, with increasing recognition of its economic importance. 

Previously seen as exclusive, it’s now considered a vital tool for economic growth, facilitating investment and development across the continent. Business jets play key roles in sectors like mining, oil and gas, and tourism, supporting operations and connectivity. Despite challenges like political instability and infrastructure limitations, demand for business jet ownership is rising, particularly in countries like Angola, Uganda, and Ghana. As AfBAA’s Gavin Kiggen notes, emerging economies are becoming vital players in the industry, signaling a promising future for business aviation in Africa.

Myles Corey, founder of Spaero “Africa’s business aviation sector holds immense promise. By fostering innovation and collaborative efforts, we can overcome obstacles and propel the industry toward greater heights, benefiting economies and communities across the continent.”

Source: Aviation News Online

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